Extremely kind donation from the casualty involved in Incident 48-2010, Saturday 20th March 2010.

Today the team received a very generous and thoughtful large donation of £1,000.00 from Mr Charles Garside of Bowdon, Altrincham, the gentleman involved in Incident 48-2010 of Saturday 20th March 2010.

Mr Garside sustained a fractured leg, following an unfortunate slip when in the company of fellow walkers from the ’Manchester Pedestrian Club,’ whilst he was descending the steep side of Winter Hill.

He was subsequently evacuated off the moor by team members, working alongside NWAS (Lancashire) staff. (See news article dated 20th March 2010)

In a very thoughtful letter to our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, with his kind donation Mr Charles Garside commented;

    “On the afternoon of the 20th March 2010, your team rescued me from a cold and boggy moor where I lay with a broken ankle. I was much inspired, at the time, by the skill displayed by all those involved as were the other members of my club who are all experienced walkers.”

    “I am profoundly grateful while I realise that the skills and dedication of your volunteers is beyond monetary value, I enclose a donation so that you may use it to support the good work you do.”

The whole team is very grateful to Mr Garside for his very kind comments and his generous and much appreciated donation, and we all wish him well on the path to a full recovery and once more getting out and about on the hills with his walking club.

On a related matter, we received on 24th March 2010, an email from Peter Mallinson, President of Manchester Pedestrian Club, who expressed the following very kind comments ;

    “On behalf of the Manchester Pedestrian Club I wish to thank your team most sincerely for going to the assistance of our member Charles Garside, who had a bad fall on Winter Hill last Saturday. Everybody who was there said how impressed they were with the efficiency of the team and the speed with which they got him off the hill.”