MPSRO AGM and election of Officers 2010 / 2011

This evening saw the Annual General Meeting of our regional body, the MPSRO, (Mid Pennine Search and Rescue Organisation).

Held as usual at the Clegg Street HQ of Rossendale and Pendle MRT, representatives from the following teams were in attendance, Bolton MRT, Bowland Pennine MRT, Calder Valley SRT, Holme Valley MRT and Rossendale and Pendle MRT.

The following officers were elected to post ;

  • Chairman, Keith Gillies, BPMRT.
  • Secretary, Stuart Milner, HVMRT.
  • Regional Training Officer, Kevin Camplin, BPMRT.
  • Radio Officer, Iain Nicholson, BPMRT.
  • Joint Equipment Officers, Ian Ordish, BPMRT and Peter Goble, RPMRT.
  • MPSRO representative to MREW, Keith Gillies, BPMRT.
  • Joint Regional Water Safety Representatives, Fred Taylor, BMRT and Mick Jennings, RPMRT.
  • Joint medical Representatives to MREW, Doctor Clare Whitney, BMRT and Paul Heywood, RPMRT.
  • Press Officer, Andy Simpson, RPMRT.