Visit to Lowton St. Mary”s CE Primary School

Visit to Lowton St. Mary’s CE Primary School – 22nd April 2010
As part of their topic work this term Year 1 pupils at Lowton St. Mary’s CE Primary School are raising money for organisations and the “Diamonds” (Year 1 pupils), have chosen Bolton Mountain Rescue Team as their charity.

Today, Life Vice President, Tony McNally and Team Call-Out Member and Training Officer, Elaine Gilliland, were invited by Connor Glyn, Year 1 Teacher, Jill Taylor, Office Manager and Lyn Baker, Head Teacher to give an overview to the 5 and 6 year olds on what Bolton Mountain Rescue Team do.

Tony and Elaine travelled in team vehicle BM1 to the Primary School and as soon as they were introduced, were immediately given lots of information by the children about what the weather might be like out in the hills, what you should wear and take when out walking and what happens when you dial ‘999’.

Each child, full of enthusiasm, gave Tony and Elaine lots of information about what they knew, and whilst Tony told the children what we do, Elaine demonstrated the clothing and equipment that we wear and take out when we are called for different incidents such as searches and spot pick-ups.
After lots of discussion, the class was split into two groups and whilst one group went to ‘build’ mountains, the other group were shown around the team vehicle by Tony and Elaine and after 20 minutes the groups swapped around.
Alas, even though the children wanted to show Tony and Elaine the mountains that they had made, time had moved on extremely quickly and it was time for Assembly and so after saying goodbye to the children they disappeared back into the school after lots of hugs.

It is a great pleasure for the team to be able to talk to children about safety in the hills and how they can contact us if they need to and this proved very rewarding today as the children showed such interest and enthusiasm.

Bolton Mountain Rescue Team would like to thank Mr Glynn, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Baker and especially the Year 1 “Diamonds” for choosing us as their organisation to raise funds for and Tony and Elaine look forward to seeing all of the children again in the future.