Another major donation from our friends at Bolton and District Round Table

Craig Knights, immediate past Chairman of Bolton and District Round Table, kindly made the team his ’Charity of the Year’ for his tenure as Chairman over the 2009 / 2010 period.

On 13th January this year, along with his fellow Round Tablers, Craig kindly handed over to the team a fantastic £1,000.00 very generous donation from Bolton and District Round Table.

Today we are very pleased to report (to our total surprise) the receipt of a further very thoughtful £300.00 from Bolton and District Round Table.
In a letter with this latest supportive donation, Craig Knights writing to our Team Leader ’simply’ stated:

    “We did some final fundraising before the end of my year as Chairman, all the best, please find enclosed donation of £300.00.”

The entire team would like to place on record its thanks to all the members of Bolton and District Round Table, and particular thanks to their outgoing Chairman, Craig Knights for so kindly making us his ’Charity of the Year’ 2009 / 2010.

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