Incident 54/2010

Team members already out in the area providing Standby Rescue cover for this years Pike View Hike Scout event (see separate report item) were alerted at 17.01hrs to an accident involving one of the entrants, a young Scout, aged 12, in a group with three other Scouts, who had slipped and fallen sustaining a head injury.

By 17.45hrs the injured Scout was located by former Bolton MRT members Peter McKale (an NWAS Emergency Ambulance Technician) and Andrew Ryding in Grey Heights Wood area, on the north western bank of Anglezarke Reservoir. (Both Peter and Andrew were assisting with the event)

By 17.50hrs team members were quickly  directed to thescene with medical equipment, and by 18.00hrs the injured Scout was being evacuated on a mountain rescue stretcher to meet up with our BM4 vehicle, which then transported him toa NWAS (Lancashire) Emergency Ambulance which had been called to the accident (jointly) by the event control and ourselves.

By circa 18.30hrs the young Scout (from the Huddersfield area) was in the NWAS Ambulance, which then departed for Royal Bolton Hospital. In total six Bolton MRT members were involved in this incident, alongside former team members Peter McKale and Andrew Ryding, and the NWAS (Lancashire) Emergency Ambulance crew from Chorley Ambulance station.

Special mention must be made of the team mates of the injured Scout, who during this incident did a fantastic job of initially treating their injured friend for his injury.

(Please note this incident actually took place within the operational area of our neighbouring colleagues at Bowland Pennine MRT, who had been made aware of the event and our role in providing Standby Rescue cover)