MREW Water Training Day – Llangollen

Rather too early on Saturday morning Fred Taylor, who is Water Representative for the MPSRO, and Geoff Seddon, BMRT’s Deputy Leader made their way to Llangollen to meet with other Water Reps and prospective Trainers.

After a quick handshake and brief everyone travelled to the upper site at Canolfan Tryweryn, near Bala, where the assembled company split into two groups, one to run through and discuss training issues pertinent to the MREW Bankside Team syllabus, in order to deliver that course within their teams and regions, the other to embark on the MREW Water Team Course. At six o’clock both parties returned to the UCLAN site at Llangollen which was our base for the week-end for a well earned meal before venturing forth for some night-time swimming, throw-bagging, wading and searching at Eddylines on the Dee.

As it was ten thirty when the last of the group climbed out of the water, most felt they had completed a fairly full day. Sunday’s activities were concerned with rope work and systems, constructed around a number of scenarios.

This was an enjoyable couple of days blessed by beautiful weather and good company, marred only by the low water levels in the Dee. Never the less the training was of a high standard and the surrounding discussions will further the work of the MREW Water Sub Committee.