Team Eagley Bank Fundraisers present the team with another wonderful donation

Today we are pleased to announce the receipt of a £40.00 donation via Maureen Heggie of Team Eagley Bank Fundraisers, from their latest event as part of their Charity Year 2010 / 2011 in support of the team, which was a games night on 15th April at her home in Eagley Bank. Their next venture in support of us, saw some of the group joining in the Bolton Mayor’s Mile today, which we will report on shortly. Following today, their next event to support us will be their ’Summer Fair’ at The Gardens, Eagley Bank, on 12th June 2010, which will be advertised shortly on our website.

To date Team Eagley Bank Fundraisers have very kindly donated £265.00 to the team, with grateful thanks from the entire membership for their wonderful support of us.

Please also see website ’news’ articles dated 3rd / 13th / 25th February 2010 and 31st March 2010.