Mark Parry 10 years Long Service to Mountain Rescue presentation

Also at the opening of this year’s team dinner, team member Mark Parry was presented with his 10 years long service to Mountain Rescue, awarded by the Mid-Pennine Search and Rescue Organisation.

Since joining the team on 13th August 1995, Mark has left and rejoined the team’s callout list so many times that we’ve taken to calling him Yo-Yo – he always comes back!

A competent and experienced mountaineer, one of Mark’s many qualities is his mischievious sense of humour within the team.

Since 1995 Mark has notched up 10 years total service, and in that time he became one of the very few team members to take the (dubious) honour of actually breaking his leg whilst on active duty – which happened whilst on a training exercise with the Coast Guard. He ended up being winched off by a Sea King helicopter, which just goes to prove that Mark will do anything for a helicopter ride!