Kind thanks for another very responsive turn out by Frank Hulton of Frank Hulton Motor Engineers of Farnworth, Bolton.

Regular readers will know that the team relies on a great many individuals
and organisations outside the immediate team membership to keep the team
ticking over and working.

One of these is Frank Hulton Motor Engineers of Farnworth, Bolton, who for a
very long time now has looked after our vehicles, servicing them, carrying
out repairs where necessary, sorting out MOTs, and generally looking after
all the many things that sometimes go wrong, and because of the nature of
our work require urgent attention.

Frank Hulton of Frank Hulton Motor Engineers, is always very responsive to
any problems we have, only recently dealing with a battery problem on our
BM2 Land Rover vehicle.

Today Frank helped again with an urgent ’no notice’ request for his
services, this time to fix what appeared to be a possible fuel leak on our
BM3 Land Rover. Thankfully considering the importance of this vehicle (in
reality its contents) Frank very quickly established it was a minor problem
and it was fixed there and then.

It is only through the kind support of people like Frank Hulton that this
team is as successful as it is, so thanks Frank and thanks to all those
other unsung helpers who keep the team going.