Smithhills Serpent Trail Race, Provision of Standby Rescue Cover

Today 20 team members, plus our four Land Rover Ambulance team vehicles and team minibus provided Standby Rescue Cover for the Smithhills Serpent Trail Race which takes in the trails above Horrocks Fold on the fringes of Smithhills Moor.

Organised by the Burnden Park Running Club, 91 runners took part in the 5 mile route, with each competitor completing 3 circuits of the trail.

Happily the event passed without incident.

Webmaster There was also a meeting of Search Dogs this morning, with Trainee Trailing dog Boris meeting up with Search Dog Chi – who’s looking very clean for once !! Handlers Steve Nelson & Dave Marsh are out training most Sunday mornings in the Team area.

Current Trainee Trailing dog Boris meets ex Search Dog Chi