More news about the South Lancashire Section of the Caravan Club Charity Year 2010 – 2011 in aid of Bolton MRT; Sponsored Parachute Jump

Further to our website article dated Sunday 6th June 2010, we have now received more details on the Sponsored Parachute Jump undertaken by SLSCC member Brian Needham from his wife Lynne Needham. Lynne has proudly informed us that her husband Brian raised £254.50 for the team through his sponsored parachute jump (having paid for the jump himself) This fantastic amount raised for the team by Brian Needham will actually go into the total monies being raised over 2010 – 2011 by all the members of the South Lancashire Section of the Caravan Club.

Brians own account of his tremendous achievement (for the SLSCC newsletter) is kindly reproduced here ;

    “I would like to say a special thank you to all of you who kindly sponsored me for the Parachute Jump. I did it on my 60th birthday Saturday the 5th June 2010 for the current Charity of the Caravan Club, Bolton Mountain Rescue. The total that I raised for them is £254.50.

    Brian Needham & Team member Chris Tennant.

    What did I think of the jump? Well, I was rather nervous as the plane climbed to 14,000 feet. Then my instructor who I was jumping with said “let’s go!” We were the last ones to go out of the plane door and it looked a long way down, well it was!!! We free fell at 120+ mph for about six seconds and then he pulled the parachute. It felt like my insides were going to come out but it was enjoyable once the parachute was open. After gently descending down to earth it ended in a nice landing. Would I do it again? Yes. ”

The whole team membership would like to thank Brian for his parachute jump in support of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, and of course wish Brian a happy (belated) 60th Birthday.

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