Incident 63/2010

At 14.50hrs on this very warm sunny afternoon, we were paged by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service to respond on a joint agency basis to an incident at Belmont, in the vicinity of Wards Reservoir.

The initiating call out page was answered by team call out contact Mike Marsh, who via GMFRS was asked to contact Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service for further information on the incident and location, who in turn obtained more information from Lancashire Constabulary.

This enabled Mike Marsh to send a full team call out page at 14.59hrs, with team members co-incidentally at our Bolton Central Fire Station vehicle garage at the same time undertaking some works on our vehicles, being able to make an immediate response in our BM2 and BM4 vehicles.

Our first member on scene, Trainee Team member John Fletcher who arrived at 15.05hrs established the location was actually High Brow Car Park, overlooking Wards Reservoir, Belmont.

A 48 years old male had fallen some 5 metres down the steep slope surrounding the edge of the car park.

At the time of Johns arrival GMFRS and NWAS (Manchester) personal already on scene were in the final stages of a stretcher evacuation of the injured man back to the top of the car park, and with the arrival of our Deputy Leader Geoff Seddon at 15.07hrs a team stand down message was paged at 15.16hrs, by which time our BM2 and BM4 vehicles had arrived on scene.

The following list is not comprehensive, but lists to the best of our knowledge the resources involved in this incident.

  • Bolton Mountain Rescue Team;
    • 7x members stood down on scene,
    • including two Team Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances,
    • and 12x members stood down whilst responding to the RVP.
  • NWAS (Manchester);
    • 1x Emergency Ambulance.
  • NWAS HART Team,
    • 2x vehicles and crew.
  • GMFRS;
    • Control Room,
    • 1x Pump Appliance and
    • 1x Aerial Ladder Platform,
    • both we understand from Bolton Central Fire Station.
  • LFRS;
    • Control Room.
  • Lancashire Constabulary;
    • Various Divisional Officers
    • the Force Incident Manager.