Incident 67/2010

At 23.43hrs late this fine summers evening, the pagers went off with a request from NWAS (Manchester) to assist them regarding the reports of an unconscious young male in woodlands in the vicinity of High Rid Reservoir, Heaton, Bolton.
With members already responding to our team vehicle garage locations, a full team call out page with more incident details was sent at 23.54hrs.

At 00.02hrs, on Sunday 27th June, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, and our BM3 Land Rover MR ambulance arrived together at the Old Kiln Lane junction with the track to High Rid Reservoir, with our Deputy Team Leader Geoff Seddon arriving at the same time at the opposite end of the same track, where he quickly met up with responding NWAS (Manchester) resources. (A solo crewed RRV and an Emergency Ambulance)

Our BM1, 2 and 4 vehicles all arrived by 00.14hrs together with other responding members to learn that Geoff Seddon and the NWAS crews had located the youth involved, (an intoxicated 16 year old) who with assistance was able to walk out of the woodland and to the waiting NWAS (Manchester) Ambulance.

GMP also dispatched two Officers to this incident, as it was initially considered that the Greater Manchester Police Air Support Unit helicopter may be needed to assist with a search of the woodlands to locate the injured youth. (in the event the services of the helicopter were not required)

All MRT resources, GMP and NWAS left the scene by 00.40hrs, with 12 Call Out list members having responded to the scene, and a further 6 stood down responding to the incident.