How big is the teams Primary Operational Area?

On Monday evening, 28th June 2010, we reported that our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE met with his colleague Team Leaders from Bowland Pennine MRT and Rossendale & Pendle MRT to determine their respective teams primary operational boundaries.

Bolton MRT Team member Steve Fletcher was also involved in the meeting drawing up a definitive overall map.

As part of this exercise Steve Fletcher has now determined just how big our Team Primary Operational area actually is.

In essence our Team Primary Operational area includes all parts of Greater Manchester west of a line from Manchester Airport in the south to Bury in the north, thence to Peel Tower, Holcombe, across to Bull Hill, north to Hog Low Pike, thence bounded by the M65 Motorway, across to Abbey Village, south to Belmont, with the western boundary being Redmonds / Spitlers Edge, then from Belmont over towards Rivington Village and the Rivington Reservoir complex, then over to the Greater Manchester boundary formed by the Wigan, Trafford and Manchester District boundaries, back to Manchester Airport.

This gives a total land area (Inclusive of water bodies) of 203,265.56 acres / 317 square miles / 822 square kilometres. So next time you are in a pub quiz and the question comes up of how big our team area is, well you now have the answer!