Thanks to Team Trainee Member John Fletcher

Recently Team Trainee Member John Fletcher carried out some electrical works at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ , installing some additional exterior lighting to our courtyard area to aid us during night time call outs and operations.

John, of Buckshaw Village, Chorley, who has his own Electrical Engineering company, JF Electrical, carried out these works on Monday afternoon, 28th June, donating his time to the team and very kindly also donating all his material costs to the team, (His modesty prevents the cost being publicly mentioned here, but it was not minor)

The team is very grateful to John for carrying out this work for the team at no cost to the team.

This story is but one example of the many people both within and outside the team who regularly kindly support the team in a great variety of ways, freely giving up their time (and materials as in John’s case) to assist the team.