Donation of old Radio Mast to Cheshire RAYNET

Tonight, Team Radio Communications Officer, Dave Healey, received an email of thanks from Nick George on behalf of Cheshire RAYNET.

Dave had recently donated a very old & rusty pump-up radio mast to Nick after a request came in via the MR Radio community.

We should point out that Nick is ex Duddon and Furness MRT & webmaster of the MRMap website – MRMap deals with GPS tracking for MRTs – so he still counts as a MR radio person.

Nick wrote –

    Hi Dave, Thank you again for the mast I collected a few weeks ago, I have now become a chap with a cupboard full of Clark spares, so it is looking good!

    Thanks once again.

It’s nice to see our obsolete equipment being put to use by other voluntary organisations and we hope Cheshire RAYNET have years of use out of it.