The Friendship Lodge, 2488 RAOB GLE Ltd Charity Prize Bingo Evening, The Crown Hotel, Horwich

It was with great anticipation that Team Members and Family attended the Charity Prize Bingo Evening at the Crown Hotel in Horwich this evening.

Organised by The Friendship Lodge, 2466 RAOB GLE Ltd, in aid of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, Medical Officer Dr Clare Whitney and her parents Magdalen and Dave Heywood, Training Officer Elaine Gilliland and her parents Teresa and Howard Gilliland, Reserve Team Member Dave Marsh and Trainee Team Member Martin Banks were welcomed by members of the Friendship Lodge, including Norman Pendlebury, Treasurer, Tom Farmer, Chairman, Roy Priestley, Secretary, Harold Garland, Gofer (in his own words), but all round Lodge Organiser and Carol Walker.

Inexperienced in ‘all matters Bingo’, team members were understandably nervous about how many tickets to buy, and how the evening would progress……but as soon as expert Bingo Caller Carole commenced proceedings things went swimmingly.

Dave ‘I’ve never played this before’ Marsh won the first line game and Teresa won the game. Heckling started ‘fix’, all shouted in fun at the team members and their families……. A member of the public won the second line game, which eased the situation somewhat, but…..wait for it, Elaine won the second game. Oh no, it didn’t look good.

Dave Heywood then won the next line game…..yet again, more heckling…..eased again by another member of the public winning the next game……and on and on it went.

Throughout the evening it became evident of the competitiveness of Dr Clare (a number of ooohhh’s and aaahhh’s coming from her corner as her numbers came up), and Dave Marsh’ addictive nature as he started to ‘enjoy’ the game and reminisce about the Two Ronnies bingo sketch – 4 and 8………..number 12.

The time flew past with team members, their families and members of the public winning alternative lines and games, tickets being adjudicated by Friendship Lodge Member Norman Pendlebury – stand in Ticket Checker. Jovial comments passed back and forth between the groups and fun was had by all.

By the end of the evening, all team members had won a prize with Howard ‘scooping’ the overall end prize (for someone who doesn’t ‘do’ Bingo, a fair scoop).

We left The Crown having thoroughly enjoyed the evening and would like to express a big Thank You to Victoria and Lynette, serving rapidly behind the bar during the short breaks, Bev and Gary, Landlady and Landlord of The Crown Hotel for hosting the event and all who joined in with the event to raise money for the team. The whole team membership would like to especially thank all members of the Friendship Lodge for organising and running the event in aid of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and we look forward to seeing them on the evening of Thursday 7th July 2010, when members will be coming to our Base HQ at Ladybridge Hall for a tour of premises and equipment demonstration.