Very kind donation by members of Friendship Lodge 2488 RAOB GLE Ltd

Today the team received another fantastic donation from our valued friends at Friendship Lodge 2488 RAOB GLE Ltd, following their successful Charity Prize Bingo Night, held at the Crown Hotel, Horwich on the evening of Tuesday 6th July 2010. (See website ’news’ report dated the same).

Their wonderful donation included £87.00 raised at the Bingo Night and £13.00 from the Lodge itself, giving a grand total of £100.00.

In a letter accompanying this kind donation, received by our Secretary Gillian Gregory, Roy Priestley, Lodge Secretary of Friendship Lodge 2488 RAOB GLE Ltd, stated; “Please pass on a very big thank you to all the volunteers who made our visit to your Base / HQ on the 8th July 2010 such a fantastic night – very, very enlightening and entertaining.”

(Please also see website ’news’ articles dated 13th November and 23rd December 2004, 10th March and 3rd April 2007, 9th November 2008, 11th February 2009, 11th March 2010 and 6th / 8th July 2010)