Rotary District 1280 / 1050, Inner Wheel 128, Summer Camp 2010. MR Awareness Day with Bolton MRT

Organised through Rotary International, every year Rotarians and Rotary Clubs in the UK host an International Summer Camp for teenagers aged between 16-17 from countries across Europe.

Various activities / visits / and cultural activities are organised, and through our very close links with the Rotary Club of Westhoughton, we were approached, as in previous years, by Phil Wood of Westhoughton Rotary, in his capacity as Summer Camp Chairman, to put on an MR Awareness afternoon for this years ’Summer Campers.’

This afternoon, 18x ’Summer Campers’ assembled at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ for an MR experience activity with the team.

The closest Garry got to the stretcher all day!

The 18x teenagers came from Poland, Turkey, Denmark, Slovenia, Belgium, Romania, Germany, Australia, Portugal and Switzerland. (for the keen eyed following this story, yes Australia is outside Europe, but the teenager involved is on an exchange year staying in Switzerland)

They were accompanied by four Westhoughton Rotarians, Phil Wood, Ron Bell, Steve Harrington and David Moores, with transport provided by three People Carriers belonging to Petty Pool College and Outdoor Centre, Sandiway, Nantwich, Cheshire. (Tel 01606 889097) (Thanks to the drivers Phil, Steve and Rick from Petty Pool Outdoor Centre)

Treating the “casualty”

Six Team Call Out list members attended, our President Bob Hutchinson, Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, Training Officer Elaine Gilliland, Mark Scott, John Fletcher and Diane Blakeley, all joined by Team Support Group member (And Team Treasurer) Johanne Lamb.

Thankfully all our guests could speak English, so no problems there, but this did not stop Mark ’multi lingual man’ Scott practising his french with one of the Belgian girls. (She was very impressed as were Mark’s team colleagues)

Team member Mark Scott passing on medical training

We started by some indoor work covering Basic Life Support / CPR, the use of team splints and stretcher handling, with all our guests keen to get outdoors to put theory in to practice.

The evacuation

In a small convoy of People Carriers and Team Vehicles we headed off to the Lower House area of Rivington, where thankfully the rain held off and all enjoyed a mock rescue and stretcher evacuation.

Continuing the evacuation

With smiles all round we then had some group photographs taken, followed by our Team Leader Garry presenting all present, Campers, Rotarians and Drivers with Mountain Rescue metal Supporters Badges and Bolton MRT Supporter Car Badges. (Garry also tried to teach all present some traditional Lancashire sayings…Howdo our Lad, howdo our kid…)

Taking a breather

Following everybodies return to Ladybridge Hall, Jarlen Long from Australia, representing all the ’Campers’ presented our Team Leader Garry with a summer camp 2010 Pennant Flag, as thanks for the teams involvement on the afternoon.

We subsequently found out from Westhoughton Rotarian and Summer Camp Chairman Phil Wood that all 18x ’Summer Campers’ had reported they had thoroughly enjoyed their day with us.

Safely back at the vehicles

The team is pleased to help with this event and looks forward to continuing involvement in future years.