Very kind donation from the Parkinson’s Disease Society of Bolton

Further to the team lecture of Tuesday 27th July 2010, by team members Mark Scott and Chris Tennant to the Parkinson’s Disease Society of Bolton, today our Team Secretary Gillian Gregory received a very kind donation from the Bolton Branch of Parkinson’s UK in the sum of £100.00. The accompanying letter from their Secretary, Rita Longlands, says “on behalf of the Bolton Branch of Parkinson’s UK, may I say how much we all enjoyed your visit to our meeting this week. You gave us a very interesting and informative talk and I am sure that everybody now appreciates more fully the role and responsibilities you all fulfill and indeed the dedication and commitment you all show when doing this important work. As a result of the generous donations of our branch members, we are able to send you a cheque for £100.00 which we know will be appreciated. With thanks and best wishes to all the team.”

The whole team membership wishes to thank all at the Bolton Branch of the Parkinson’s Disease Society for their very appreciated generous support of the Bolton MRT.

(Please also see website ’news’ article dated Tuesday 27th July 2010)