Incident 71/2010

Late this evening at 23.07hrs we were paged by Lancashire Constabulary for the teams assistance regards a missing 37 years old man in Darwen.

The Police were concerned for the mans health and he had last been seen at around 22.00hrs this same evening on a road heading up towards the ’White House’ on Darwen Moor.

A full team call out was initiated, with our Team Leader in view of this being a holiday period and due to the late time of the call (yes we do sometimes have a drink!), contacting Andrew Simpson, Team Leader of the Rossendale and Pendle MRT in case more resources were required.

With our team members requested to assemble at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ, our Team Leader on route to meet the Police Missing Person Search Manager in Darwen and senior team member Mike Marsh gathering further information from the Police (Which was leading us to initially consider a search of Darwen Moor), the news was received that a Police Patrol had located the missing man in the area where he had last been seen.

With 19 x team members responding to this search a full team pager stand down was sent at 23.47hrs, and our Team Leader informed Andrew Simpson he didn’t have to disturb his team by calling them out to help us!

Not involved as such in the response, was team member Steve Fletcher, in Scotland on a mountain bike holiday, who via the medium of IT was preparing search area mapping and other search information for us ready to download to our Control Trailer.