Incident 73/2010

Early this evening, the team was called to attend an incident near to Hawkshaw, in the Bury area.

A woman had slipped whilst out walking in the woods with her family, and had suffered a suspected fractured ankle.

The team was called to the incident by NWAS (Manchester), who had sent an emergency ambulance to the rendezvous point at Simons Farm, Hawkshaw. Coincidentally one of the responding NWAS crew members was former team member, Tony Berry.

Rendezvousing at Simons Farm, Hawkshaw, team members worked with the NWAS crew to evacuate the casualty. The casualty was given painkilling gas, and her leg was placed into a splint. The casualty was carried by team members (and Tony!) a distance of about half a mile across muddy ground on a Bell Mountain Rescue stretcher to the waiting NWAS Ambulance.

The ambulance then departed for hospital and team members left the scene shortly afterwards.

Our thanks are expressed to the residents at Simons Farm for allowing us and NWAS to use their property as a temporary parking area.

We would like to wish the injured woman concerned a speedy recovery and return to her regular walks in the area.

In total, 10 team members were directly involved in this incident, with a further three stood down responding.