Incident 78/2010

At 18:44 this evening, the team was contacted by NWAS (Manchester) Paramedic Emergency control, regards an incident in the vicinity of Ladyshore Road, Little Lever.

A 48 year old male was reported to have fallen several metres down a steep embankment whilst walking his dog, and sustained serious injuries as he fell.

A responding NWAS Emergency Ambulance crew had gained access to the casualty, but required assistance to recover him to safe ground. Also called to respond to this incident was the NWAS HART (Hazardous Area Rescue Team), and the NWAA Air Ambulance, Helimed 08, based at Blackpool Airport.

The first Bolton MRT team member arrived at the Ladyshore Road, Little Lever RVP at 18:56 and immediately offered assistance to the NWAS Emergency Ambulance crew.

The first Bolton MRT team vehicles arrived on scene at 19:14, at the same time as the first responding NWAS HART vehicles.

Bolton MRT team members and the NWAS HART and Paramedic Crews all worked together to extricate the man up the slope, who was suffering from a number of injuries. He was placed into an NWAS HART splint/stretcher and then onto a Mountain Rescue stretcher in order to be safely carried up the slope.

Team members prepare to carry the casualty to the top of the slope.

(Picture ©Carl Silver)
Electing to take the man to hospital via land ambulance, the NWAA Helimed 08 departed the scene of the incident, whilst the injured man was carried to the waiting NWAS ambulance by BMRT personnel. Arriving at the ambulance at 19:36, he was then quickly transferred to Royal Bolton Hospital.

The casualty is safely recovered and carried a short distance across the playing fields of Little Lever…
(Picture ©Carl Silver)

… with a fence being the final obstacle to overcome before he is delivered safely to the NWAS Ambulance.
(Picture ©Carl Silver)

In total, the following resources were involved in this incident:

  • Bolton MRT, 18 personnel and 2 team vehicles (with a further 2 personnel stood down responding)
  • NWAS resources:
    • 3 x HART Incident response units
    • 2 x HART Rapid Response vehicles
    • 1 x Emergency Ambulance
    • 1 x Area Manager
  • NWAA Helimed 08
  • Greater Manchester Police – 2 PCSO’s