Team hosts a visit by 25th Bolton (St. Thomas and St. John’s Lostock) Beaver Scouts

This evening, a total of 25 Beaver Scouts descended onto the Bolton MRT’s Ladybridge Hall base, specifically for the purpose of their Water Safety badge.

Team members Fred Taylor and Steve Fletcher hosted the visit, which began with a short slideshow on the dangers of water both at the beach and inland, and the meaning of the different coloured beach safety flags.

Then the Beavers went outside to look at the team’s water rescue equipment – including the team’s new boat – and they also learnt about the team’s new drysuits, by having lots of fun drenching team member Steve Fletcher with a hosepipe!

The Beavers then returned indoors for another look at the beach safety flags and a reminder of where it’s safe to swim. There were lots of relevant questions asked afterwards which showed that they had been paying very close attention to what was being said.

We hope that all the Beavers at 25th Bolton South will pass their Water Safety badge, and that they stay safe in the water for many years to come!