Update news from Team Eagley Bank Fund Raisers regards website ‘news’ article dated 13th September 2010

Team Eagley Bank Fund Raisers who have kindly made us their Charity of the Year 2010-2011, informed us on Monday 13th September 2010 that at the Sunday 12th September 2010, Bolton ’Mayorathon’ event they raised the fantastic total of £115.08 for the team.

Furthermore at the time we understood from Maureen Heggie of Team Eagley Bank Fund Raisers, that even more donations were to be made to the team from the September 12th ’Mayorathon’ event.

Three of Team Eagley Banks children did the ’Mayors Mile’ and their sponsorship money in support of the team was still being gathered in at the time of our 13th September report. (Lavine aged 8, Daniel aged 10 and Jack aged 1 year and 364 days, who was the youngest person on the walk, and he walked all four laps!)

Today we received from our friends at Team Eagley Bank, the fantastic donation of £164.33, updating our previous report. Also we received the great news from our friends that there is still some money to come in from their fundraising for us at the Bolton ’Mayorathon’ event.

Team Eagley Bank Fund Raisers next event in support of the team is a Race Night on Thursday 14th October, followed by a Christmas themed coffee morning on Tuesday 19th October.

Our figures show that to date’ including today’s gratefully received donation of £164.33, Team Eagley Bank Fund Raisers have raised the huge sum of £2,095.33 as part of their Charity Year 2010-2011 support of the team.

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