Further kind thanks received regarding the recent Joint Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue

Further to the kind thanks received from Cheshire SART Team Leader Jo McClure regarding the recent Joint Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue we report here further kind thanks received from Leslie Wilson of Calder valley SRT, who attended the course as a Trainee Team Member. In an email to our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, Les (Leslie) kindly stated:

“Now that I have recovered from last weekend’s course and had chance to reflect on it I felt it time to contact you and offer my thanks.

The course was brilliant!

The long hours and mixture of lectures and practical sessions left me very tired but with a real sense of achievement at the end.

The networking opportunities were really useful. I feel that MRT members are all like minded and supportive of one another regardless of what team they come from. The last time I felt a similar team spirit was in the Armed Forces. I am sure that the way you ran the course and integrated everyone contributed to this.

The stretcher session was excellent. I learnt some basic but essential skills for moving over steep ground quickly and safely and I am sure these skills will be put to the test one day.

Many thanks for your team’s immense effort in providing a first class course that I will never forget.

I am now on a diet to shed the pounds gained as a result of the excellent catering, please pass on my thanks to the chefs.

Best wishes


Calder Valley SRT.”

The above comments are testament we feel to the excellence of this well established course.