Further thanks regards the recent Joint Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue

Today our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received from Chris Griffiths of NEWSAR Team (North East Wales Search and Rescue), a Trainee member on the recent Joint Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue a kind letter of thanks regarding the weekend course, some extracts of which read:

“I thought I would just drop the Bolton MRT a note of thanks for a very informative and enjoyable weekend at Bibbys’.

As a recently retired teacher I was more than appreciative of the organisation that had clearly gone into the event. I know, from experience that as the organiser you only only enjoy when it is all over!

Lectures, practical’s – everything in fact was at the right pace and intensity and provided a brilliant insight into the demands and pleasures of being involved in the MR fraternity.

Thanks once again for a great experience.”

(Please also see related website articles giving thanks for this course from Leslie Wilson of Calder Valley SRT and Jo McClure of Cheshire SART, along with the comments reported from Trainees at the end of the course itself, to be found within the Joint Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue 2010 main report itself)