AXA Technology Services in furniture donation to Bolton MRT

Team Trainee / Call Out list member Martin Banks, who works for AXA Technology Services as a HR Business Partner recently mentioned that due to the consolidation of office premises from two locations to one location in Lytham, Lancashire, AXA Technology Services had a surplus of excellent quality office furniture items.

In conversation with his employer, Martin determined that AXA Technology Services were happy to donate completely free whatever items the team required, what’s more AXA Technology Services even very kindly agreed to deliver all the items direct to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ free of charge.

This morning our new furniture duly arrived courtesy of the generosity of AXA Technology Services, Lytham, Lancashire, consisting of a number of multi shelf storage units with full folding covers, two office swivel chairs, and a pull down projector screen.

AXA Technology Services have promised even more furniture items, allowing us to replace older furniture items within our Base / HQ.

Bolton MRT wishes to express its thanks to AXA Technology Services for so kindly helping the team in this manner, the new furniture has certainly gone a long way to ’tidy up’ the look of our already well maintained and presentable Base / HQ premises.