Incident 85/2010

At 12.10hrs today we were paged by NWAS (Lancashire Area) to assist them with an incident in the Rivington area, following the report of a collapsed male walker.

In consultation with NWAS (Lancashire) Control, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was informed that The NWAA Helimed 72 (City Airport, Manchester, based) had also been despatched along with an Emergency Ambulance.

Prior to a full team call out message being sent it was quickly established that our services were not required and at 12.19hrs we were stood down.

At 12.26hrs we were again paged by NWAS (Lancashire) to attend the same incident, as the casualty site could not be found in the Rivington area, and we were tasked with liaising with NWAS and NWAA to locate the casualty.

At 12.33hrs a full team pager call out was initiated, with our first two Team Vehicles arriving in the Rivington area at 12.50hrs, quickly establishing that a member of the West Pennine Moors Ranger Service had located the casualty at the Roynton Lane (Horwich) entrance to the Terraced Gardens at Rivington, and had transported the man with a companion down to the waiting Air Ambulance helicopter at Rivington and Blackrod School for initial assessment and treatment by the Air Ambulance crew and our Team Doctor, Clare Whitney, who had just arrived.

For the second time in this incident our members were stood down, with the male casualty leaving the scene in an NWAS (Lancashire) Emergency Ambulance for Royal Bolton Hospital at 13.15hrs, NWAA Helimed 72 leaving shortly afterwards.