Visit by our Team Leader to NWAS (Lancashire and Cumbria) Emergency Control Centre

This afternoon, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE journeyed to the Broughton, Preston, Emergency Control Centre of NWAS (Lancashire and Cumbria) to discuss items of mutual interest and the strengthening of joint responses between NWAS (Lancashire) and Bolton MRT to emergency incidents, meeting with Peter Ballan and Gill McGill, Emergency Control Managers at the ECC.

Much was discussed over the course of Garrys visit, which also included a tour of the Control Room, and meeting with the on duty Control Room Manager and Air Ambulance / Mountain Rescue Dispatch desk.

Following on from this visit, and an earlier visit to the Control Room by Bolton MRT team members, it is hoped to arrange some ’liaison’ exercises between the ECC Control Room emergency Dispatchers and the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

Such visits help to maintain the excellent close liaison that the Bolton MRT enjoys, appreciates and indeed has developed over many years with NWAS (Lancashire and Cumbria / Greater Manchester) and its forerunners, Lancashire Ambulance Service and Greater Manchester Ambulance Service.