Team Annual Ceilidh

For the fourth year running our Annual Ceilidh took place tonight under the organisation of our Support Group, having been organised up to and including 2006 by the call out team members.

Taking place at the excellent venue and usual team Ceilidh location of St Mary’s Church Hall, Horwich, all present were yet again entertained by the fantastic ’Toll Bar Band.’

With lower numbers present than usual (perhaps a sign of the recession) a fun time was had by all, with team member Mark Parry still trying after many years to improve his dance technique whilst team member Alan James despite his ’advancing years’ still managed to cut a dash on the dancefloor.

A raffle held on the night raised £104.00 for the team, thanks to the team Support Group ’Sales Team’. (Many thanks to all who supplied the many raffle prizes)

The team would like to thank all those who attended this annual event for their support (and sheer entertainment value of watching some people try their best to follow the dance moves!)

We would also like to thank Andy Murphy of our Support Group for organising this year’s event, and his Support Group colleagues Caroline Mitchell, Gillian Gregory and Johanne Lamb, for their work selling tickets on the door, raffle ticket sales and dishing out the ’pasty and peas’ supper to all present. (How could team member Mark Parry eat so many pasties and still mamange to dance the night away !)