Incident 86/2010

With a small number of team members still at our base following this morning’s standby rescue cover event at Darwen, we were contacted directly by NWAS (Lancashire) Control at 14:25 to assist with the report of a moorland road traffic accident somewhere in the vicinity of the Rivington/Belmont area (the 999 caller was uncertain of the exact location of the accident).

Our BM1, 3 and 4 vehicles were despatched immediately meeting up with en-route in the Belmont area with the responding NWAS Emergency Ambulance.

Despite a search of the area between Rivington and Belmont by all 3 team vehicles and the NWAS Ambulance, no trace of a vehicle accident could be found. In addition, NWAS Emergency Control attempted to contact the original 999 caller but were unable to re-establish contact.

After a thorough search of many roads in the area it was decided by NWAS that the Bolton MRT and their responding Ambulance could stand down. No further 999 calls were received by NWAS relating to this incident, and no reports of any RTCs in the area were forthcoming.