October collection box totals

Well following October, this month has been equally successful, with our collecting box income for the month standing at £207.10 compared to £191.99 for the same month last year.

This now puts our year to date collecting box income total at the marvellous total of £3,996.03 compared to £3,209.40 at the same time last year.

In fact so successful is the income from our collecting boxes (or more correctly the support of all who so kindly contribute to our boxes) that our total to date has exceeded the grand total for the whole of 2009, which was £3,774.42.

The team currently has 151 collecting box locations active all over the team’s operational area, (and some wider afield) with grateful thanks as ever to all who host a box, and of course to all our wonderful supporters out there who so kindly give up their spare change to help the team.