Lecture presentation by the team at the AGM of the Bolton Ramblers Group

This evening, whilst their fellow team colleagues were on exercise in the snow on the moors above Horwich, our Team President (and former Team Leader) Bob Hutchinson and long serving team member Mike Marsh, attended the Annual General Meeting of the Bolton Ramblers Group, as the guest speakers to give a presentation on the work of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

Held at the friends Meeting House, Silverwell Street, Bolton, Bob and Mike’s talk was very well received and resulted in the promise of a donation.

At the conclusion of their presentation on the team, Bob and Mike were approached by Mrs Jackie Roberts, who informed them her late husband, Dave Roberts, had been a Bolton MRT team member 1969 to 1973, and she went on to ask if Geoff Seddon and Alan (’General’) James were still in the team, (they are, and are still active call out list members!)

Mrs Jackie Roberts then very kindly made a personal donation of £25.00 to the team, which was gratefully received by Bob Hutchinson.