Lecture to the Probus Club of Worsley

This morning, three team members journeyed to a wintry Walkden, Worsley, to give a presentation on the work of the team to the Probus Club of Worsley, at their meeting venue of Walkden (Formerly St Andrews) Methodist Church, Manchester Road, Walkden.

Our three consisted of Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, long serving member and Team Council member Chris Tennant and current Equipment Officer / Trainee Team member Nick Berry.

Upon their arrival, for Garry in particular, there was a big surprise awaiting, for the current Chairman of the Probus Club of Worsley, who welcomed them, was none other than Glen Atkinson, a founder team member from way back in 1968 and also Garry’s Scout Leader from his many happy days in 6th Worsley Scout Group, in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The Probus club of Worsley is one of many Probus Clubs, (Retired Professional and Businessmens Clubs) throughout the country who do much charitable work alongside an interesting ’speakers’ programme.

Glen introduced Garry our Team Leader as a ’local lad from just up the road,’ with Glen then setting the scene by briefly describing how the team came about, then handing over a very kind £30.00 donation to the team from the Probus Club of Worsley.

With a DVD introduction showing the national role of MRTs, Garry then spent an hour describing the history, work and current organisation of the team.

Following a refreshment break, Chris and Nick then demonstrated the wide range of search and rescue equipment we keep on board the team Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance ’BM1’ which they had brought to the meeting.

Our presentation ended with an interesting question and answer session, after which Garry handed out to those present, ’Team Supporter’ vehicle stickers and ’Mountain Rescue Supporter’ metal lapel badges.

Glen then regaled all present with a nice story from the teams very early First Aid training, which had everyone laughing.

The other big surprise of our visit, was the handover of an impromptu collection made amongst the Probus Club of Worsley members present, on top of the £30.00 donation made at the start of our visit.

The fantastic cash amount of £85.18p was handed over, with our Team Leader, Chris and Nick all expressing their profound thanks to the Probus Club members present for their generosity and appreciated support of the team.