Thank you dedication from the Team membership to our dear friend, the late Mrs Edith Lomax

Today we are very saddened to report that we have been informed of the death earlier this year, of a dear friend to the team and fantastic team supporter Mrs Edith Lomax.

Edith supported the team over a great many years, quite anonymously for quite a while!

Ediths daughter Mrs J.E.Heywood of Eaglesfield, Lockerbie, Scotland, wrote to our Life Vice President Tony McNally recently informing us of her mothers death in February this year.

In her letter to Tony and the team, enclosing a kind £5.00 donation, Mrs Heywood states; “Sorry I didn’t let you know earlier, but my mum Edith Lomax died in February 2010. You may remember you took her flowers, a team photograph and on a trip up Winter Hill to thank her for her support. she was thrilled that day, and I still have the photo from the newspaper. Thank you again for that day.”

The whole team sends its condolences to Mrs Heywood over the loss of her mother and mourns the passing of a great supporter of the team.

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By way of a tribute to the late Mrs Edith Lomax and her kindness to the team, we have reproduced below in full two articles from our website archives to remind all of a wonderful and very kind lady.

Monday 22nd November 2004
A visit from a sponsor
This morning the Team Chairman Tony McNally, and Fundraising Officer Mark Dooley played host to a long time sponsor and dear friend of the team Edith Lomax and her friend June Tweedley. Regular visitors of this web site will recall how in February this year we presented Mrs. Lomax with a bouquet of flowers and a Team picture in recognition of her continued support. Today we picked Edith up from her residential home and brought her to our Ladybridge Hall base so that she could have a look round and see what her money was being spent on. After a trip in one of our Landrovers to Winter Hill summit it was time to return to Ladybridge Hall for tea and biscuits in the main complex.

Fundraising Officer Mark Dooley, Edith Lomax, and June Tweedley at our Ladybridge Hall base

After the short break it was time to show off our base. Both our guests were impressed with our home and enjoyed their stay with us. We would like to thank the staff of Ladybridge Hall for making our guests so welcome.

Wednesday 18th February 2004
Mountain rescue men track down mystery helper.

A MYSTERY Good Samaritan who kept members of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team guessing for years as to her identity has finally been tracked down and has received the team’s grateful thanks.
Widow Edith Lomax regularly posted cheques for small amounts to the team as a contribution towards their work.
The money was sent to the treasurer three or four times a year – but always anonymously and giving little clue to the sender’s identity. Although the sums involved were not large, members of the team were touched that someone continued to remember them. They were puzzled by who was sending them and always hoped they would find out one day.
So they were delighted when another envelope arrived from 89-year-old Mrs Lomax at the weekend – and this time it included an address.
Team Chairman Tony McNally immediately started trying to track her down and discovered the address at Eden Lodge in Astley Bridge was a sheltered housing scheme run by Anchor.
“We may not be the best mountain rescue team at finding people but we found Edith,” said Tony McNally.
After speaking to the warden, Tony decided to turn the tables on Mrs Lomax and the team sent a rescue vehicle to the lodge for a surprise visit.
Their arrival, complete with bunch of flowers, stunned the pensioner, who was enjoying a coffee morning and had no idea her secret was out.

Team members Mark Dooley & Tony McNally, present Mrs Lomax with flowers and a picture of the Team.

Mrs Lomax was presented with a picture of the team, which has taken pride of place in her flat alongside the flowers.
Mrs Lomax said: “I was very surprised and pleased. It is all very exciting.
“I started sending small amounts of money when I read about the team’s work in the Bolton Evening News. I wanted to donate to a local charity and decided on the team as a good cause to support. They seemed to do a good job.”
She did not intend to keep her address secret, but says she did not send the donations for any recognition.
Mrs Lomax hopes to continue sending donations to the team when she feels she can afford to.
Tony McNally said it was “lovely to meet her. We always like to say thank you no matter what,” he added.

Our Thanks to the Bolton Evening News for the words.

Webmasters Note: We do find the people we are searching for, unfortunately the BEN reporter misheard Tonys quote !!!