Team trials SockShop “Heat Holders” socks

The team was recently approached by Craig Sefton, of SockShop Ltd, to enquire as to whether we would be interested in trying their thermal socks, the appropriately named “Heat Holders”.

Craig believes that their “Heat Holders” are the “ultimate thermal sock”, and that Bolton MRT might benefit from the warmth that these socks provide.

With the sort of weather that we’ve been having recently, the team jumped at the chance, and Craig swiftly organised a sample of 20 pairs of socks to be sent to the team, in various sizes.

Today these socks were distributed to a number of trainee and callout-list members of the team. The socks will be tried by team members over the next few weeks, and we will report back on their performance to SockShop soon.

The team would like to thank Craig Sefton at SockShop Ltd for offering us the opportunity to trial their product.