MREW in very kind and appreciated support of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

The team maintains a large amount of rope rescue equipment (obviously!) which though seldom used in anger, none the less is subject to regular replacement to comply with the equipment manufacturers recommendations and standards.

We have recently replaced our stock of ’Lower Ropes,’ which are specialist low stretch ropes used for stretcher lowering, stretcher raising and abseiling purposes.

Direct financial support for such specific purposes within mountain rescue is in this particular case available through our national body, Mountain Rescue England and Wales.

We are pleased to both announce and thank MREW for purchasing for the Bolton MRT 2 reels of 200 metres of SAR 11mm Tactical Intervention Low Stretch rope for use within the team.

We would like to thank Richard Terrell, MREW Honorary Equipment Officer for his help with this equipment donation to Bolton MRT and father and son ’combination,’ Dave and Lee Allport of SAR Products for their considered advice over the rope type to select. (SAR Products – Specialist Access and Rescue Products Limited