New stretcher type purchased by the team, thanks to two donations, the help of our national body and SAR Products Limited

Linked to the purchase of our three brand new Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances (due in team service circa March 2011) the team decided to purchase three brand new, latest generation mountain rescue stretchers to equip each vehicle.

The stretcher we selected was the SAR Products (Specialist Access and Rescue Products Limited) Alpine MR Lite (Mountain Rescue) Stretcher.

This is the latest generation development of the already established but no longer manufactured Troll Alphin Mountain Rescue Stretcher, of which the team operates two aged but still effective models. (Alongside our two Bell Mountain Rescue stretchers)

As with the ’original’ Troll Alphin stretcher, developed by Dave Allport, the Alpine MR Lite represents the very latest version, much lighter in weight than the Troll Alphin it now ’replaces’ within the UK market.

Dave Allport and his son Lee, both of SAR Products ( are also very active members of Oldham MRT, and have put much effort into the design of the SAR Alpine MR Lite stretcher. (The Maritime Coastguard Agency and a number of UK MRTs are re-equipping with this stretcher type)

Currently all three stretchers are in store at our Base / HQ awaiting our new vehicles, at which point they will be put into team service.

Alongside the three new stretchers we have also purchased one stretcher wheel frame from SAR Products, which when (very easily) fitted to the Alpine MR Lite stretcher enables the fitment of a mountain bike wheel underneath the stretcher, hence on suitable ground a much easier carry for the stretcher bearers.

MREW (Mountain Rescue England and Wales) operate a direct grant system to part fund new stretcher purchases by MRTs, and with thanks to Richard Terrell, MREW Honorary Equipment Officer, the Bolton MRT was kindly granted by MREW £1,000.00 against the purchase of these three stretchers and a single stretcher wheel carry frame.

This left the team with a further £3,000.00 to complete the total purchase cost of the three stretchers and the carry frame. (thanks to SAR Products for their support of Bolton MRT by offering these stretchers at a favourable purchase cost)

Readers may recall that in July 2010, we reported that the Keep Fit Association of Chorley and Leyland (see website ’news’ article dated Thursday 22nd July 2010) raised £2,050.00 for the team, which at the time was set against this stretcher purchase.

Our dear friends at the Edgworth Real Ale Festival 2010, have also indicated they would, amongst other team ’wish list’ items, also support the purchase of these stretchers.

So essentially with the support of MREW, SAR Products, The Keep Fit Association of Chorley and Leyland, and Edgworth Real Ale Festival 2010, the full purchase costs of these stretchers and wheel frame has been very kindly met.

In the New Year, when our new vehicles are delivered, and prior to placing these stretchers on the vehicles, we will hold a formal handover ceremony of the stretchers, to which we will be inviting the membership of the Keep Fit Association of Chorley and Leyland, and Edgworth Real Ale Festival 2010 committee to attend and formally pass over the stretchers in to team use.