Team gives thanks to outdoor clothing equipment manufacturer Mountain Equipment Limited

Our national body Mountain Rescue England and Wales recently announced an initiative whereby they would be offering to supply every MRT in England and Wales with forty free ’Belay style ’ jackets, with an offer that additional jackets could be purchased at a substantial discount granted by the supplier.

The Bolton MRT membership has taken up this national offer, with the teams overall requirement for fifty jackets being met by the recently announced ASDA grant, which has allowed funding for the additional ten jackets we require over and above the forty being supplied free as part of the national initiative.

The jackets being supplied are by the established outdoor clothing manufacturer Mountain Equipment Limited, the specific jackets being the Fitzroy (Male sizes) and Alpamayo (Female sizes)

Our national body required the teams ’size’ order by December 18th, which is where Mountain Equipment Limited came to our rescue.

Rather than guess the sizes we required for our members against a size chart, our Equipment Officer Nick Berry approached contacts at Mountain Equipment Limited, (Nick works for the successful outdoor equipment chain ’Go Outdoors,’) and asked whether we could loan the actual garments involved, in all the sizes possible, to enable us to make an accurate size order.

Gemma Lever in the Sales Office of Mountain Equipment Limited and Martin Dixon, North West Sales Manager for Mountain Equipment Limited, were only too happy to help with our request.

As a result Nick collected from Mountain Equipment some of the Fitzroy and Alpamayo jackets on Wednesday morning, December 15th, enabling all our members at our Wednesday evening exercise meeting to actually try on a jacket and order their actual size removing any guesswork form our order.

All the jackets were duly returned this morning, with thanks to Mountain Equipment for their appreciated help in enabling us to place an accurate size order for the team membership.

The jackets (forming a large national order) are currently due to be delivered to the team in summer 2011)