Incident 100/2010

On Friday evening at 21:35 hours the team was paged by NWAS (Lancashire) and then at 21:44 by NWAS (Manchester) regarding assistance to the ambulance service given the very heavy regional snow falls.

A full team pager callout was made at 21:40 hours resulting in 24 team members going to Base HQ standby, crewing 4 team Land Rover vehicles and 2 members 4×4 vehicles (equipped with basic MR kit).

Our standby period lasted until the early hours of the following day (Saturday 18th December) with 3 emergency calls attended at 00:13 hours (code Amber to an RTC), 01:14 (code Amber to a reported street collapse) with the last call at 01:48 hours (to assist an on-scene NWAS crew with a male suffering a fractured ankle, due to a mechanical breakdown with the NWAS emergency ambulance, our BM2 vehicle transported the casualty to the Royal Bolton Hospital.

This report covers incident number 98/2010, 99/2010 and 100/2010.