Incident 110/2010

At 16:03 this afternoon, the team was contacted by NWAS (Manchester), requesting our assistance at a sledging incident in the vicinity of Jumbles Reservoir, north of Bolton.

The call was answered by experienced team member Mike Marsh, who promptly called out the rest of the team to assist at 16:13.

A 13 year old male had suffered a lower back injury whilst sledging on the southern embankments of Jumbles reservoir, with the main car park inaccessible to the NWAS ambulance (or more accurately, possible to drive in to, but most likely impossible to drive out of, due to the gradient of the road and the prevailing snow and ice).

The first Bolton MRT members arrived on scene at 16:25, and assisted the NWAS crew in recovering the injured boy to the top of the embankment, and then to the main Jumbles car park.

By this point, two team LandRover Ambulances arrived having responded from our Ladybridge Hall Base/HQ, and the casualty was promptly loaded into our BM1 vehicle and carefully driven to the main road where he was transferred into the waiting NWAS ambulance, for onward transport to Royal Bolton Hospital.

In total, 14 team members attended this incident, with an additional three team members stood down whilst responding. Team vehicles then made their way back to base, with the incident concluded by 17:45.

NWAS (Manchester) resources involved a RRV (Solo crewed) and an Emergency Ambulance.