More fantastic news from our friends at Team Eagley Bank Fund Raisers

Team Eagley Bank Fund Raisers who have kindly made us their Charity of the Year 2010-2011, held a Charity Carol Service in aid of the team in the Eagley Bank area on Saturday evening, 18th December 2010.

The team was due to attend in some strength, along with two vehicles, but a call out just prior to us leaving our Base / HQ meant that the team in the end was represented by Support Group member Iain Clarkson.

We are extremely pleased to report today that this fantastic event raised £144.09 for the team.

Our figures now show that to date, including today’s gratefully received donation of £144.09, Team Eagley Bank Fund Raisers have raised the massive sum of £2,674.42 as part of their Charity Year 2010-2011 support of the team.

Eagley Bank Fund Raisers Charity Year in support of Bolton MRT is now drawing to a close, with Maureen Heggie of Eagley Bank Fund Raisers informing us that two events remain, in January and February 2011.

There follows below an account of the Carol Evening by Support group member Iain Clarkson;

Eagley Bank Carol Singing

“We arrived at Maureens house for 17:30 to be served with hot drinks (mulled wine for some) and mince pies. Then at 18:00 we all left to start our singing with 7 members of Timberbottom Brass Band providing the music and 8 residents including myself singing our first set of carols on Maureens street with a verse of happy birthday to one of the neighbours. We then moved down the street singing more carols and collecting money on our way. Whilst singing we were joined by more residents of the area with the singing. As we were coming up to sing our last few carols most of the instruments had got cold and froze up so we only had one instrument left to help us with our singing, as we were doing our last carol a resident came out with a plate of cake for us which was a good gesture. When finished we headed back to Maureens house for more drinks, mince pies and cakes. Whilst we were drinking eating and talking Maureen counted the money we had collected with an amazing amount of £144.09 collected.”

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