Team featured in ‘Real People’ magazine, issue 51/52

Last year whilst helping the Ambulance Service with a high volume of calls on the snowy (very early) morning of New Years Day 1st January, at 04.05hrs the team was called to an address in the Moses Gate area of Farnworth, to a lady in the very late stages of pregnancy.

Team members Steve Fletcher, Elaine Gilliland and Stephen Kenworthy arrived in one of our Land Rover MR Ambulances just as the lady, Mrs Lindsey Fane had given birth to a baby daughter, Leah Jasmine Fane at 04.17hrs.

Baby and mother (along with one of the two NHS midwifes who also attended this emergency call) were transported to Royal Bolton Hospital by the team, and now the full detailed story of what happened that morning is related by Lindsey Fane in the latest issue (Nr 51 / 52) of ’Real People’ magazine.

In the story Lindsey states, “A huge white and yellow Land Rover with blue flashing lights was waiting outside for us. It was like something out of an action movie as we travelled the ten minutes through the snowy streets to the Royal Bolton Hospital.” Later in the same article Lindsey states’ “After having mountain rescue arrive last year, I think deep down my husband and I will be a bit dissapointed if the SAS or the Red Arrows don’t turn up!” The magazine article ends with … “Leah’s birth really was a cliffhanger. I’m just glad that the mountain rescue team were there when we needed them – otherwise our little snowdrop really would have been-a-drift.”

All the team wishes Mum Lindsey and Dad David a happy new year and of course a Happy 1st Birthday for baby Leah. (Not forgetting of course their two year old daughter, Cara)