Donations in the memory of the late Mr Alan Perkins of Atherton

Yesterday we reported the receipt of many kind donations totaling £285.00 in memory of the late Alan Perkins of Atherton, who sadly died in December 2010.

When news of this total donation was announced to the team membership last night, team member and former CMB (Metal Box) Westhoughton employee Mike Marsh recalled that Alan Perkins had actually worked at CMB on the Security Lodge during the period that the team operated from the site.

It was then that those in the team who had been around when we were at CMB (We left the site in February 2004) realised that we had known the late Alan Perkins, although it was only Mike Marsh who knew him by his first name, most of us only knowing him as ’Alan the Security Man,’ or just by sight. (Hence we did not make the immediate connection with him when we first heard of his death and the donations made in his memory)

Therefore through this website we would like to add our own small tribute to the late Alan Perkins, who always had a friendly word to say to us when we collected the keys to our vehicles based at CMB, which were kept at the Security Lodge, and along with the rest of the small Security Staff always enquired as to where we were off to or had returned from. Throughout our tenure at CMB Alan always kept a watchful eye over our vehicles based at the site, and also over our private vehicles left on the staff car park, when we were attending exercises and incidents in team vehicles.

From all the team who knew Alan, ’Its a sad goodbye to a true friend and supporter of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.’