Team commences its 2011 Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Certificate Course

Last night the team commenced its 2011 Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Certificate Course in accordance with the long established national MREW syllabus.

We aim to undertake this course at least once every three years within the team, with all team members taking part over the comprehensive twelve session long series of lectures and presentations, within our Wednesday evening scheduled Training Programme.

Somewhat strangely the course commences immediately with a practical examination, with an all persons taking part in a BLS (Basic Life Support) practical test. (All newer members taking part last night now know what Dr ABC means)

All members tested passed with flying colours thanks to the excellent initial presentation on the latest BLS / Resus amended 2010 guidelines by Bolton MRT team member and NWAS accredited BLS and AED Trainer Mark Scott.

In all 29x Team call Out list members and all 13x of our current Probationary members were put through a practical test utilising the teams three Resus manikins, with an additional two manikins on loan for the evening with thanks to Bolton University.

Thanks to team members Mark Scott, Alistair Greenough RGN, ALS, APLS, ATACC, and Fred Taylor EMT for acting as examiners. (And very strict ones at that)
Long serving team members Geoff Seddon and Alan (General) James, who have both been in the team for well over forty years each, regaled our younger members with tales of now abandoned ’chest thumps,’ ’the Holgar Neilsen method’ and all the many variations on breathes to compressions ratios they have had to learn and unlearn again over the years as Resus guidelines have constantly changed.

(And as for our good friend Dr ABC, simple really, it is a good way to remember the basics of BLS, Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing, Circulation.)