“Full Moon Walk” with Darwen Dashers Running Club

This evening, experienced team member Mike Marsh and Training Officer, Elaine Gilliland met with members of the Darwen Dashers Running Club along with their families and friends to take part in their annual Moonlight Walk.

Mike and Elaine were met by Simon Fox, who had organised the walk, at 19:30 hrs at the Sunnyhurst Inn, Darwen, and after some encouraging refreshment, the group departed the inn to cross the moor to Tockholes.

At first the moon was not visible as the clouds placed a blanket across it. But after a ‘hasty’ ascent to Jubilee Tower, (who said it was cold), the clouds cleared and once on top, the group were blessed with good night light from a clear sky and almost full moon.

Progressing across the moors, all members cautiously descended Aggies Staircase with Mike and Elaine following – in case of mishap. (Only a missing dog was reported and two group members rapidly returned to the tower to locate Timmy).

In no time at all, the group were at The Royal Hotel in Tockholes and crowded the bar for well deserved refreshment and chip butties – Timmy and the two group members coming in just as the bar had cleared – good timing or what!

Whilst devouring chips, the Darwen Dashers Running Club members and their accompanying family and friends had a collection on behalf of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and raised the fantastic sum of £55:20.

After some more light refreshment, a less hasty jaunt was taken back to the Sunnyhurst Inn at Darwen on the lower track across the moors with the moon still shining on.

The entire team membership would like to take this opportunity to thank the Darwen Dashers Running Club and family and friends for their very generous donation and their continued support of the team and Mike and Elaine would like to express personal thanks for the invitation to join the club for the evening……a great time was had by all.