Very kind husband and wife locate and return stolen team equipment.

Just over a week ago, one of our Call Out list members who resides in the Swinton area of Greater Manchester, had some items of very important personal issue team equipment stolen from his own vehicle whilst parked outside his home address.

Thankfully such events are very rare within the membership, with replacement of such stolen items often being a problem, plus sometimes creating security issues within the team.

On Friday 4th February, a very kind and honest lady from Swinton, contacted our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, to report that she and her husband had found the stolen items discarded on the streets near their home.

The team member from whom the items had been stolen from, went round immediately to this very kind and honest couples address to reclaim his team kit items, very relieved that they had been found.

Via the medium of our website we would like to thank this couple for their honesty and also thank them for their diligence in tracking down the owner.