Team welcomes twelve new Trainee Team members to its membership

Following our November 2010 recruitment intake, and an appropriate ’Probationary membership’ period the team today can announce that all our remaining Probationary Team members have been accepted as Trainee Team members with effect from Wednesday 9th February 2011.

As such they will now spend the next year undergoing a trainee team membership period before being accepted as a ’full team member.’

All our new Trainee team members will now be able to attend all operational call outs of the team, including both searches and rescues, albeit obviously under the tutelage of their experienced fully trained team colleagues.

The twelve are:

  • Carly Raines, aged 22 of Hindley Green, currently unemployed.
  • Paul Chisholm, aged 32, of Astley, self employed in Security Services provision. (Paul was previously in the team in 2002 / 2003.
  • David Crawford, aged 61, of Bolton, a Psychologist.
  • Kris Kilshaw, aged 19, of Heaton, Bolton, a Student Arborist.
  • Anthony Dawson, aged 54, of Bromley Cross, Bolton. A Branch Manager.
  • Scott Beresford, aged 23, of Warrington, currently unemployed.
  • Paul Copley, aged 50, of Bolton. A BT Broadband diagnostics Engineer.
  • Andrew Gregory, aged 28, of Hindley Green, a School Teacher.
  • Naomi Horan, aged 24, of Horwich, an ICU Nurse.
  • Philip Crook, aged 39, of Swinton, an Electrician.
  • John Dickinson, aged 64, of Edgworth, a retired Air Traffic Control Engineer.
  • David Cook, aged 39, of Bolton, a Senior Projects Engineer.

The team wishes all twelve new Trainee members every success over their next twelve months with the team, which will include as part of their training, a residential ’Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue,’ over the weekend of Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd October 2011.