Visit by 17th Bolton Tuesday Scouts, Markland Hill

This evening the team played host to a visit by eighteen Scouts and their five Leaders from 17th Bolton Tuesday Scouts, Markland Hill.

Our keen and interested visitors were met by very experienced Team Call Out list member Mark Parry and Trainee Team members David Cook, Philip Crook, John Dickinson and Kris Kilshaw.

The Scouts had specifically asked for their visit to concentrate on First Aid, and so our members present split the Scouts up into two groups, for sessions including hands on experience with our Casualty Care equipment, and practical sessions on CPR practicing on our Resus Mannikins.

At the end of their visit, which all thoroughly enjoyed, our visitors from 17th Bolton Tuesday Scouts, presented a very kind and thoughtful £30.00 donation to the team, which was accepted with thanks on behalf of the team by Mark Parry.